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Update issue status in Jira by status name using transitions

Problem: I have imported issues from one instance into a project in another instance. The issue’s status is always ‘Open’ instead of the original status in the old issue. Expectation: I will need to update the status of the issue from ‘open’ to ‘something’. This is something i have to do it programmatically ( through […]

Optional URL parameters in angular 6 typescript

Optional URL parameters in angular 6 typescript My development environment details: Angular CLI: 6.0.7 Node: 8.11.2 typescript: 2.7.2 I wanted to implement optional URL parameters in angular 6. It means, when the URL params are passed for a angular 6 route, some values in the form should be pre-populated based on the params. When the URL […]

Developing a REST service quickly using node js and express 4

Recent times , we develop applications, which are totally separated as Server side applications and client side applications. Here , Client side application can be anything like android, html app, or any other REST service consumers. When I was working on one such client side applications, I wanted to test how the application is able […]

Developing REST API application using spring boot, swagger and gradle

I wanted to create an REST API service application which exposes a few services to create user(sign up) and get user creation result. I have analyzed and thought of using some latest technologies in the market, so I ended up on Gradle + Spring boot + Swagger2 combination. Let us see how can we create […]

Dealing with Java and JSON conversion

When you are trying to convert any java object to json, you may run in to this problem. “com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonGenerationException: Null key for a Map not allowed in JSON (use a converting NullKeySerializer?)” This is due to null key in the map of objects (or collection of objects). JsonGenerator cannot serialize the null key into json. […]

All You Need To Know About Node.js – Getting Started

I have written a blog on Introduction to Node.js. Please check that link to know some basics. In this tutorial, We will look in to the following topics: Node.js Dev environment set up Hello World node.js web application, which prints or responds with ‘Hello World’ Explanation on the hello.js file After this tutorial, you should […]

Introduction to Node.js – A Java Script Runtime

So What is node js? Is it a web server? a framework? a language? what is it? Well, it is not exactly a web server or a language. it is a java script runtime. But you can also develop a web server using node js. NodeJs is a java script run-time based on chrome’s V8 java […]

Angular JS ObjectId to String

Angular JS Binding fields in HTML form with Java script was a big and tedious logic we will normally write in jquery and Java script days. Angular js comes to rescue from writing lot of glueing and boiler plate coding in front end development. Angular js is MVC client side framework which developed to ease life […]

Encode , decode passwords using Base64 and Reading properties file in java

As a developer, I often use username and passwords in the test classes especially in integration test cases. Sometime we forgot to delete this, which leads to code base having passwords and that is not safe. I normally use properties file to store username and password( encrypted ) using Base64 algorithm. So I will run […]

Unit testing with Java , Maven and JUnit

What is Unit testing? Unit testing is a way to test your units(i.e parts) of your program. Usually unit tests should include not only positive scenarios but also negative scenarios that can occur in your piece of code. Examples are exceptions, error, negative results like that. Is it really important? YES! But most of the […]